5 Full Form of OK (Proven)

Have you ever think about ” What is full form of OK ? “. Some times your friends ask about it and teases you. If you want to survive from it and want to teases other friends, then dive into it. I am Nitin Kumar Khatri, let’s check this out. Full forms of OK – 1. … Read more

Best Phone For Gaming

Winner winner chicken dinner Best Phones for PUBG Mobile in 2020 _____________________________________________ By-Nitin Kumar khatri.                   12-May Source-PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile is a very large game. It’s graphics are so intense. So first requirement is your phone must have better performance. Performance is based on processor or CPU of … Read more

Top 5 smartphones in may 2020

1.Oneplus 8 pro This is the most Powerful mobile by OnePlus in every field. This phone have stunning performance with stunning photography. 2.Mi 10 pro 5G This phone have an excellent 108mp camera with 30×zoom. And performance is best because of snapdragon 865 processor. 3.iphone 11 pro max This is the beast from apple. Overall … Read more