5 Full Form of OK (Proven)

Have you ever think about ” What is full form of OK ? “. Some times your friends ask about it and teases you. If you want to survive from it and want to teases other friends, then dive into it. I am Nitin Kumar Khatri, let’s check this out.

Full forms of OK

1. Full form of OK in English

Basicallymean of OK in English is Oll korrect which means All correct. This is usually used for allowance. But it is used for many other things like giving permission, satisfaction, ending objections etc.


2. Full form of OK Wikipedia

According to wikipedia OK is short form of Ole kurreckThis is an American english word, which means all clear. It is first time used for “conversation is clear”. But after that it is used for various places as I mention earlier.

3. Full form of OK in Hindi

Meaning of OK in hindi is ” सब बढ़िया है ” or ” ठीक है “. In India it is usually used for satisfaction. Over the time, India is ruled by British empire. So in the culture of India, English language is overcome. At the time, English speaking man is more valuable then who, don’t know English. So, for show off indians used english words like OK and other.

4. Other forms of OK

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1. Objection killed

Which means ” Know I am confident, no other excuses remains”. This is very likely to used for conversation end.

2. Objection knock

Which is also used for conversation end. This is more likely used in uk, australia and USA.

3. Okay

This is long form of OK. Based on pronounciation of OK, which means all right.

3. Okeh

Choctaw word for ‘ it is so ‘. An alternative English spelling, no longer common, although it remained in sporadic use well into the 20th century.

4. Okei

Used in Norwegian, Icelandic, Finnish and Estonian.

5. Okey

Used in Catalan, Faroese, Filipino, Russian, Spanish and Turkish sounding similar to the English pronunciation OK.

6. Okej

Used in Polish, Serbo-Croatian Slovene, Macedonian, Swedish and sometimes Latvian; OK also used, but considered to be a part of more colloquial interest language.

7. Ookoo

Used in Finland. Pronounced the same way as OK; the spelling arises from the pronunciation of the individual letters in Finnish.

8. O.K.

Used in Greek. The abbreviation is pronounced as the English Okay. A myth is erroneously circulated by same in Greece that ‘ OK ‘ can be traced back to the Greek expression ‘Όλα Καλά’ which means all is well.

Source Wikipedia

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