How to get traffic to new website or blog ( 4 proven ways)

If you are reading this blog, then definitely you are a begginer. Every begginer is want to increase website traffic fast and free. In this blog I am showing you exact method to get traffic to new website. I grow my traffic 30k+ in only two months. Want to know, how I did this, then dive into it.

There are only four sources of getting traffic to website. Let’s face it.

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Traffic Sources


As I mentioned above, There are only 4 ways to increase blog traffic. These are

  1. Organic traffic
  2. Direct
  3. Social media Traffic
  4. Reffral traffic

# 1. Organic Traffic

Getting traffic from Google is called Organic Traffic. When you search for a query in Google, then Google shows you most relevant results. Have you ever notice how Google rank these most relevant pages ? How can your page rank on these query ?

Ranking on Google is based on SEO. SEO is stands for Search engine optimization. SEO is a practice to rank higher. For ranking higher very fast, I recommend using a great SEO tool like SEMrush. SEO is based on four steps

  1. Technical SEO
  2. Keyword research
  3. On-page SEO
  4. Off-page SEO

1. Technical SEO

When you start a blog, then first thing to do is technical SEO. Technical SEO is further divided into five parts. For technical SEO errors checkup and solution use SEMrush site audit ( click here for free ). Let’s face it

  1. Website structure
  2. sitemaps
  3. Robots.txt file
  4. Duplicate pages
  5. Page speed

1. Website structure

This part comes before anything else. Your website must have an Hierarchical structure. Hierarchical structure will help users and crawlers to identify your full content in just few clicks. For Hierarchical structure, figure out the most important categories or pages and give first priority to them. After that find sub categories that relate to each category and connect with parent category.

Hope you understanding What I want to say. With this structure, every section of your website is get through maximum 3-5 clicks. This will help you for better ranking in Google.

With website structure, your URL structure is also meaningful. Make URL short and sweet, but connected. Example your blog post “X” URL must be and “Y” URL

2. Sitemaps

In older days, you have to submit your webpages manually to search engines. So that your webpages also crawl your pages for related queries.

But now the days, Sitemap.xml files are modern way of submitting your webpages to the search engines.

3. Robots.txt files

Some pages of your website is less important. And you want that Search Engine not crawl them. But how can you give roadmap for crawlers that which page you consider or not consider and Which page consider first and tell search engines, ” Hey, this is very important, crawl it first”. 

Robots.txt files are those, with the help of that you inform Search Engine for clear roadmap of right crawling.

4. Duplicate pages

Some of your pages have duplicate copies. This is done by you or by the fault created. But search assume it like spamming and penalised your website. So solutions are

€ Solutions of duplicate pages
A. 301 Redirect

Redirect duplicate pages to one stable page, whenever they land on the duplicate pages. So that duplicate pages can’t be crawled by search engines.

B. Canonical tags

Canonical tag references on all such similar pages and all the pages which you don’t want to rank for.

The tag will mention a link to the page that you want to rank for.

5. Page speed

Page speed is one of the most important factor for SEO in all search engines. Even Google announced this publicly.

For more details, click on image.

Page speed is based on web hosting. Best web hosting provider in the is Bluehost and it’s recommended by WordPress.

2. Keyword research for Traffic to new website

Keyword research is most important step for increase blog traffic. If you are targeting those keyword, which are Search by no one. Then you definitely don’t get any amount of traffic organically. Keyword research is not a rocket science, it is a practice to get basic idea for targeting queries and work only on them. So that you worth your money and time both. For effective keyword research I highly recommend using SEMrush keyword magic tool. Let’s dive into it, step by step.

Step 1 Find topic related to your business

First of all, you need to find a topic, which is closely related to your business.

Or if you don’t have any business and want through blogs by ads, affiliate marketing etc. Then you need to find category, that is closely related to your passion and hobby. So that you never demotivate.

Step 2 Find seed keywords

Seed keywords are those keywords that are closely related to your topic. Example If your topic fitness or weight lose, then seed keywords are fitness, weight lose, diet, gym etc.

Step 3 Put seed keywords into Google keyword planner

Use google keyword planner and Find long tail keywords. If you are not familiar with long tail keywords then ” low search volume keywords” are long tail keyword. Targeting long tail keyword increase traffic to new website extremely fast.

Google keyword planner give you idea of volume and click per cost (cpc) data for selected keyword and suggest you other related keywords. Find and target long tail keywords so that you can get traffic to new website.

Step 4 Check search intent for each targeted keyword

Search intent is basically reason behind searchers query. If you don’t match Search intent then don’t go after that keyword. Example some one searching for ” buy example product ” then Search intent is buying the product. If you don’t have an e-commerce store then don’t go after that keyword.

Step 5 Asses ranking difficulty

Ranking difficulty is measured by 3 factors

  1. No. Of referring domains
  2. Authority of websites
  3. Topical relevance
1. No. Of referring domains

To get information about no. Of referring domains pointed to page, I highly recommend SEMrush SEO tool. It is no. 1 tool for SEO and if you want to rank on highly competitive keywords.

2. Authority of website

Authority of website is overall strength of backlinks profile of a website. Which is also find by SEMrush tool. Check AS ( authority score ) of each website. Higher the number means highly authorized.

3. Topical relevance

It is analyze by looking on the SERP ( search engine result page ).


If you see this result for query ” how to lose weight fast “, then you see that all are informational blog post, writing style is list and tips guide. If you are targetting this keyword then write a informational blog post with listing tips.

3. On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is technique to write SEO friendly content, that actually rank on search engine. Here I am gonna talk you about advanced On-Page SEO tips that works great right now. These tips were shared by great SEO analyzer Brian Dean founder of Backlinko. Let’s face it

1. Optimize tittle tag

For optimizing tittle tag, you must include your target keyword in the beginning of your tittle tag. This will help to understand Search Engine and users, how about your blog.

2. Meaningful URL

Always use short and sweet URL that include your target keyword. Example- your target keyword is weight lose, then your URL is “”.

3. Use multimedia files

Use of multimedia files like video, audio, images, screenshots and lists; show that your readers don’t be bore. Using of multimedia files also help users to understand complex terms.

4. Links

There is two types of links

  1. Inbound links
  2. Outbound links
Inbound links

Those links that are pointed to your website, called Inbound links. Include 2-3 internal links to older article when you publish a new one.

Outbound links

Those links that are pointed to other resources ( popular blogs, news sites; .edu and .gov resources ) in every piece of Content that you publish.

5. Page speed insight

Use the google page speed insight to figure out your site’s loading speed. For improvement, use wordpress plugins, WP rocket and WP smash it, can help speed things up.

6. Enable sharing buttons

Make sure your social buttons are front and center on blog post and article. So that people share it and get authority to your pages.

7. Long in-depth content

Write at least 1500 words for content that you are trying to rank for competitive keywords. Write long engaging content that keeps people reading. Put a lot of effort on making your first paragraph interesting and compelling.

8. Image SEO

Tag your images with keyword rich ALT text, so that you can rank for images on Google images.

9. Embrace LSI keywords

LSI keywords are stand for Latent Semantic Indexing keywords. These are keywords that closely related to your target keywords or synonyms of keywords. That are help to understand Search Engine.

Use LSI keywords in H2, H3, etc. For better result.

For checking your On-Page SEO score for each post, I highly recommend using SEMrush. ( Click here for On-Page SEO checker )

4. Off-page SEO

You write a great content and hit the publish button and pray for visitors, right. No, you need to do something more. You need to promote and get backlinks from authority sites. So that you can rank.


You need to send emails to your email subscribers, promote on social media platforms and pre roadshow of your content.


Backlinks are basically Inbound links from other resources. Getting backlinks from authority site will increase your Page rank. But how can you get backlinks ? I have a strategy for you called ” skyscraper technique “. Let’s dive into it

Step 1- Find top ranking pages on your targeted keyword and check their backlink profile on SEMrush content explorer tool. Check who is linking to them and creat a list.

Step 2- Send them email that you are publishing a Content, that is related to his blog. And tell them that your post is better then their.

Step 3- Email all peoples who are linking to top ranking pages and get backlinks from them.

Backlinks are most important factor to rank in Google, so that you must have SEMrush backlink audit tool.

( For free trial of SEMrush click here )

# 2. Direct traffic

Getting traffic to new website from direct source is hard. Because very little people know about your website. Direct traffic is basically means that user land on your website with your domain name. New website is least popular, so getting traffic to new website direct is almost impossible.

Its only done by your friends or family members only or your social media followers.

# 3. Social media

Social media is great for authority brands and reputed website. But for a brand new website is quiet hard to get decent amount of search traffic constantly. Because when you promote your content on your social media platforms then you get instant traffic, that is called ” hope of spike ” and ” flat of nope “.

You see after some time There is a flat line.

But still you can get lots of traffic with social media.

Facebook page

Creat a facebook page or join a facebook page that is related to your niche. And start posting content from your blog. This will help you to get massive traffic from communities. Follow other related pages that have a ton of followers and collaborate or join those pages to promote your content.

Social media Advertisement

Ads are very effective on social media platforms. If your content is high quality then definitely its attract decent peoples on your website. If your blog have high quality content then people engage with your website. Then give values ( free ) to make Subscription of your site for free and get more subscribers for promoting your content.

Instagram pages

Creat a Instagram page and get followers from ads or referral ( join other people’s pages and collaborate with them ). Then promote your content on Instagram stories. Use a scheduling software to automatically post your stories from your blog. This is not a great platform but you still get some useful audience for your business revenue.


Twitter is great for promoting content. Because you can promote your content with each tweet.

Advanced tip  Use infographics in your post to get more click through rate. A study by ahrefs said that infographics rises click through rate by +850%. So use images, screenshots, videos to get decent traffic.

For social media boost, try SEMrush social media tool. If you use it once you will definitely loves it. ( For more information click here )

# 4. Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is great for begginers. Because its not take longer time and lots of efforts. There is lots of ways to get referral traffic. Let’s face it


YouTube is a second most used Search Engine said by Google. So, getting advantages of this very important. Best way to get traffic to new website from YouTube is make a channel on YouTube. After that create high quality content that engages audience and make trust. Take close attention on YouTube SEO, so that you can rank for keywords and get traffic organically.

Promote your website in video and video descriptions. Make people to click on link by force or tell people more information go to blog, link in the description. This will bring you decent traffic.


Pinterest is no.1 tool for referral Traffic. Because no many days before you start a blog. This will give you instant traffic, no matter your site is completely new.

Pinterest is not a social media platform, this is a visual search engine. So that you have to do Pinterest SEO. Pin high quality images with 2:3 aspect ratio, very attractive and make sure tittle and description very catchy, so that people click on your pins and visit your site.

Pinterest SEO

1. Create business account on Pinterest so that you can get Pinterest analytics.

2. Make 20-30  boards to relevant to your website.

3. Create high quality pins, as I mentioned earlier.

4. Do keyword research on Pinterest. Do keyword research by auto suggest and suggestions after Search.

5. Do not stuff keywords. Use keywords in tittle and description naturally and make them catchy.

6. Enable rich pins and verify your website to Pinterest.

7. Create viral pins that attracts decent amount of traffic and rank higher on Pinterest.

8. Pin life is 7 days. So find best performing pins and repin them by schedule on Tailwind.

9. Pin 80% of your content and 20% other relevant viral pins, so that you make a strong community and more followers.

Pinterest is great source for getting traffic to a new website because its not have ” flat of nope“.


Publish some part of your Content to . This will help you to increase your traffic as well as your social media following. Publish very catchy short content and remain best part of your content with ” read more “. But your last line must be catchy heading or missing valuable things from your content. So that reader must visit your site and you get valuable Traffic.


Publish full content of your blogpost, because its a social media platform, but not like other. Your post don’t disappear untill you don’t delete it. Show that you can get traffic to website constantly.

This will also increase your brand value, website authority ( because of backlinks ) and following on social media.

Join online forums

There are so many online communities and forums. But I highly recommend using Quora and Reddit.

Answer related questions to your on Quora and give true, honest value to readers to take them on your blog. Find high volume questions on SEMrush, identify Search intent with competitive analysis and write best answer that get best result or marked by Quora as best answer.

Find top topics on Reddit that are closely related to your niche or website. Write best content that helps users. If you give great values to users they will definitely engaged with you. Then take them to your website and convert them to your permanent visitors with e-mail Subscription.

Thank you for reading and tell me which strategy you gonna use first  Pinterest or Forums. 

Answer me in the comment section below.












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