On page SEO factors checklist in 2020 (step by step)

Hello I am Nitin Kumar Khatri and I am gonna talk you about On page SEO. I am giving you these tips from BacklinkO founder Brian Dean. Brian Dean is no.1 SEO Analyzer on the earth. So read very carefully and note down What you learn from each point.

On page SEO Techniques

  1. Your targeted keyword must be used in the beginning of your Tittle tag.
  2. Use short URL that include your target keyword.
  3. Use at least one multimedia (video, images, audio and lists) in your blog.
  4. Include at least 2 outbound links to related authority sites (popular blogs, news sites , .edu and .gov resources) in every piece of content that you publish.
  5. Include your target keyword in the first 100 words of your website.
  6. Make sure your keyword or synonym is in an H1 tag.
  7. Use the Google page insights to figure out your site’s loading speed.
  8. Add modifiers like “2020”, “best”, “guide”, and “review” to help you rank for long tail keywords.
  9. Make sure your social sharing buttons are front and center on blog posts and articles.
  10. Write at least 1000 words for content that you are trying to rank for competitive keywords.
  11. Include internal links at the top of your article.
  12. Include 1-2 LSI keywords in your article.
  13. Write long engaging content that keeps people reading. Put a lot of effort on making your first paragraph interesting and compelling.
  14. Add 2-3 internal links to older article when you publish a new one.
  15. Include your keyword once in an H2 or H3 tag.
  16. Tag your images with keyword rich Alt text.

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This is complete guide for On page SEO but some SEO factors also important, let’s have a look

  1. Make sure your each and every post have a tittle tag.
  2. Your Tittle have an ideal length ( not too long and short).
  3. Remember to use H1 to H5 tags.
  4. This is very important in on page SEO factor that H1 tag used enough. Means used only one time but when extremely required you have to use.
  5. Use long tail keywords so that you can rank easy and early.

Now this is complete guide for on page SEO. If you want to know more about SEO then I recommend watch videos on YouTube. My recommended channels are

  1. Brian Dean
  2. Neil patel

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Thanks for reading.


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