One Simple and Very Effective Way to Drive Traffic to Your Website – SEO

Hello, I am Nitin Kumar Khatri. Today i am gonna tell you about how to drive traffic to your website with SEO.

Oh hello, what are you thinking?

Are you thinking about What is SEO.

Don’t worry I am here to tell you about all things related to SEO. Let’s have a look.

SEO- Full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

Now you are thinking, What is search engine optimization SEO?

When you go to your browser and search for your query. Then you saw that search engine will send you best result on pages. Websites showing on this pages, cor idea behind this is their ranking. Website with higher ranking shown on first page’s first place.

Now the question is How search engine optimize ranking of websites?

Noone knows what is proper algorithm behind this. But SEO is very helpful tool to rank higher your website.

So know are you curious about how to use SEO for rank higher. Let me tell you about SEO step by step.

Steps for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  1. Structural design of your website
  2. On page SEO
  3. Off page SEO
  • Structural design of website

First thing that matter for SEO of a website is structural design. Your website should have an Hierarchical structure. It means that every thing on your website is get through one to four clicks. So you made categories and subcategories for your website and connect them hierarchy.

  • What is On page SEO

On page SEO start through Keyword research. Keywords are that words their search volume is high and cost per click (CPC) is low.

SEO is all about using the right keywords at right places.

So what are right Keywords and right places.

A. Right Keywords

As we know those keywords their search volume is higher and CPC is lower. How to find these keywords. Let’s have a look.

Step-1 : Know your business and customers

Let me introduce let my business is Gym, then my customers are age group of 20-40.

Step-2 : Customer topics

If you have a gym then your customer topic is how to build your body, what is the right diet planning for body building etc.

Step-3 : Generating keyword ideas

Go on search engines and and Search queries related to your customer topic. Search engine will auto suggest you higher search volume keywords. Pen down them.

Step-4 : Choose long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are about 3 to 5 words. Choose long tail keywords from your pen down query.

Step-5 : Use keyword planner

Use keyword planner to know which keyword have higher search volume and lower cost per click rate.

If you have doubt in two keywords then go to Google trends and Choose trending keyword from those.

B. Right places

There are show many right places, let’s have a look.

1. Heading

2. Tittle

3. Meta descriptions

  • What is Off page SEO

Off page SEO is all about links. How many inlinks (link that take you on your page) and outlinks (link that take you on another pages.


And how many Quality Backlink you have on your. Link building depend on your content, so write in-depth content and provide researched data. So other people recommend your page for special data. This build your backlinks.

Now the bonus tip is always put images and alt text on images and always use short URL.

Thanks for reading.

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